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One would be forgiven for thinking that I am getting prepared for a winter flood and recreating Noah’s ark.

We adopted 1 rabbit 2 weeks ago and now we have 2.  This means there are 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 18 fish, thousands of worm-farm worms and 2 humans forming our home. No, Indigo (the first rabbit) did not give birth.  We enquired at the shelter as to whether the rabbit who had shared a small cage with her for 8 months still needed a home, and she did.

This week, Iyengi (short for Iyengar yoga) arrived.  She is a bold and confident rabbit, with an intense appetite for anything green. Her arrival was welcomed by Indigo with nose-kissing and now there are 2 utterly content rabbits in the garden.  They do not shy away from the rain – the revel in it.  It has been a steep learning curve for me on the preferences and habits of rabbits, but what a delightful journey thus far.  I can see many heart-warming years ahead living with them.  Below is a photo of Iyengi.  She is very nimble and on the move all the time hence it was hard to catch her on camera.