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Apart from the power of saying thank you, and saying it again in case the first one was insufficient, I was brought-up knowing that sometimes you have to celebrate and be merry despite the circumstances.

So it was then that on Saturday we celebrated the life of a cat who was the head of our home for many years. Since India was a lilac Burmese cat, it was fitting that we (which includes myself and I cast aside all vegan food beliefs for the day) indulged on a layered lilac cake with butter icing. All the colours of India in a cake.

On the kitchen counter, I had three blooming bunches of white roses which reminded us all that India, when she was alive and well, would smell roses from afar. She mastered the art of destroying roses and it was fitting that we had roses, not to taunt her soul, but to remind us of her quirks.

Not to forget the other animals in the home, of course, the little red cat, Italy, decided to seize the moment when we were busy cleaning-up, by quietly licking the icing on the left over cake! I left him to do as he pleased because he too needed to celebrate a life now passed.

As for the hound, well she tried hard to get a morsel of cake but instead was given newly discovered cat treats made of wild boar. This was after she had snapped at Igloo the tortoise and thought that chomping off his head would be fun. This was also after she managed to launch onto the upper half of the garden and chased the two rabbits, Iyengi and Indigo, around the trees.

The cats a year ago; yin-yang

All this reminded us that life goes on. Celebrate the loved ones who have passed and celebrate the ones who continue to shower love on you, even if it means this involves chasing rabbits and eating tortoises!  L’chaim!

Pendant from Anna.