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I know that in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018, I am obliged to tell you all sorts of things about what I am going to do with your personal data and who apart from me may have access to it. So, here goes, the shortest Privacy Notice …ever:


  • I am Christine, a part-time blogger, operating in my own name and capacity (which ranges from charged-up to asleep).
  • If you subscribe to the blog (and thank you for doing so), the blog, via a third party, Word Press, will somehow save your email address on the site and the name you give so that when I post a blog, and push ‘post notif’ you should get a message to say that a new blog has been posted.
  • Some of you will know that you have subscribed to the blog and then there is silence. This could be because I am not blogging or because Word Press has spontaneously deleted your email address and given name. Sorry about this. This is out of my hands. If I could, I would not rely on this “third party”.
  • The site is also accessible by another third party, PopWeb, which is the administrator based in South Africa. In other words, they are outside of the EU (sounds like the UK) and I should have an agreement in place to make sure they can guarantee the security of your email address and given name. PopWeb has good folk working for it. I would not worry.
  • All-in-all, I am the data controller of this blog but I would rank PopWeb and Word Press also as data controllers although Word Press is a data processor when it comes to sending ‘post notifs’ on my instruction.
  • Since I am a small-fry blogger, in reality I would not worry about your given name and email address. There is no sensitive or special personal data saved on the site, and fraud is very unlikely to be committed with just an email address and a given name. I have no plans personally to transfer your email address and given name to any country. We live in a world of no borders (unless you try to legally immigrate) so this statement may be pointless.
  • I have to by law state what the legal basis is for collecting your given name and email address: to avoid jargon, you give consent by your opt-in.
  • If you opt-in by subscribing, only your email address and given name will be on the site although hidden from the prying public. You can unsubscribe at any time. I seldom access the subscription list and most of the time cannot remember where it is.
  • There probably are cookies on the website. They are not set by myself. If you get bothered with cookies, please speak to your local biscuit provider especially if they are not vegan cookies. That would be offensive. Some folk are encouraged to trawl through (knock yourself out!).
  • What I also need to tell you is how long I plan to keep your email address and given name: since Word Press has these behind-the-scenes clean-outs without notice to me, it is very likely your email address and given name will disappear quite quickly. In all other lucky (for me) cases, until you unsubscribe, your email address and given name remains.
  • If you want to access any of your personal data, just pop me an email. I will send you what I have if you have subscribed, which is your given name and email address. There is nothing else to send you. I have tried to get a given name and email address deleted from the subscription list before (because the person has passed-on) and nobody knew how to. If you ask me to delete your given name and email address, I suggest it would be better to simply unsubscribe.
  • I try my best not to name or identify anyone in the blog, especially details of who is Husband. All photos are taken with consent except those of Ivy and Italy, and other roaming wildlife which includes some of the folk on the Northern Line (tube) in the morning.
  • I have said you may contact me in certain situations and that I will provide my email address. I have changed my mind: last time I had an email address linked to the site, I was spammed over 60 times a day with offers of all and sundry. So, here is a black hole….
  • But wait there is more: this notice may change from time-to-time depending on which way the wind blows. If it changes, you will only know by reading it (again).
  • (If you are hunting for my website terms and conditions, and also information on the use of cookies, please stop hunting. These all went out the double-glazed window a while ago after having drafted and read too many.)