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Today our black tap dancing ball of fur is one year’s old.

What a joy in our lives she is. Ivy has given us more smiles and laughs than we thought we had inside us. She has also warmed the noses and paws of her doggy day-care friends.

In a life were time is precious, Ivy has taught us to live and love in the now.  She has shown me that hanging out the car window in dodgy Woodstock with her ears flapping behind her, is life in the now. When she sucks on the little red cat’s ears, she shows me how sweet acts of innocent love can be. Her curiosity at what is under a blanket or getting to the essence of a worn sock, reveals a life of wonderment.

When the rabbits get fed, there is a riot of chaos over carrots and kale; when the tortoises do move, there is sometimes respect for the slow moving rocks. On hearing the intercom bell, Ivy howls at the prospect of a visitor or Mr Delivery.

Getting home from work and being greeted with howls and circles of movement, reminds me that home is where the heart is. Watching her run through the green long grass in the park nearby with ears flapping about makes me smile broader than the Cheshire cat. Ivy is our black furry spirit.

Happy birthday Ivy.

Photos of her birthday party follow: