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There is some panic in the UK over this virus with an unpronounceable name. I sounds like the name of a car – Toyota Corona or Shelby Corona.


It dawned on me at work that perhaps I had missed the message and had better stock-up. There have been photos in the media of people stocking-up on toilet paper. If I were about to be marooned at home under quarantine, I would not at first think: GET TOILET PAPER. FAST. I checked with Husband. He has the same view. Relief. Same page.


In light of panic shopping, I noticed today over lunch there was no rain and I wanted to see if it was true that you could buy no hand-sanitiser. So off I went. Outside. And I could buy it and did so at the second store I went into. It is terribly dull to buy a hand sanitiser (only ONE). Since I am not a stocker-upper of groceries, I decided to push myself to the limit and let myself loose in a Boots store (think: Clicks store including pharmacy but without the radio or tannoy but just as terrible). This is what I purchased as my critical items:


  • Blue-purple nail polish (Husband will hate it)
  • Quick dry for this nail polish (impatient person)
  • A 65g vegan chocolate and coconut bar
  • Nothing else. Not even a plastic bag.

Here’s the thing: while the world tackles this vehicular virus, my little family will be alright because in our London flat we will live-off nail polish fumes as they quickly evaporate from the quick dry and share the vegan bar. The more I think about this sensible shopping trip, I realise too that the vegan bar was a good choice: Ivy is allergic to chocolate (like all dogs) and Riaan does not like coconut. The cat is unlikely to want nail polish or the vegan bar, and will remain where he has been for the last 330 days. Happiness. Blue-purple nails that have dried and eating a vegan bar in a blue wrapper. I will be just fine.