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In the old English nursery rhyme, those born on a Monday are fair of face. In a red-earthed town in South Africa, I was born on a Monday and have no idea if I was or am fair of face.

This Monday’s child used to live in Cape Town. At the height of the Brexit rollercoaster and the South African political picnic, we jumped over the pond to land on an island that was haphazardly negotiating jumping back into a pond.

England is where we have settle, living in a dynamic and historically rich London, where names of places are confounding and wealth dominates. Never forgetting that this is a dog-centric country where hounds hop on tubes and buses, and get treats from behind shop counters.

I remain a home nester. Happy to spend time indoors with Husband, a book, the nearby purring cat and listening to the dog grunting in her sleep. A cuppa tea in hand and perhaps the Beeb on the telly on mute. This makes going into the grey chill outside alluring and interesting. Picking leaves for displays and watching the hound delight at the sight of tree-bearing squirrels and a fox lurking. This is an island for hibernating and exploring.

My purpose here is to share my thoughts. Sometimes this will be on speciesism, living as a vegan (which is abundantly easy in London), being fulfilled as a child-free career woman, excelling as a human companion to a dog and cat and being an exemplary example of a wife who is dangerous in the kitchen and unable to read a recipe.

Welcome to my unmapped journey.