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We are in the process of adopting a homeless rabbit. I met her for the first time today. Frightened, she glued herself to the corner of the cage at the shelter. With some coercing, she came forward and she was picked-up and handed to me.

I was humbled. She was so warm and soft. I whispered in her long ears and told her we will have many years to get to know each other.  This is pending   a successful adoption application and a house visit. She must also be spayed and microchipped before she can be released.

If we meet the adoption standards, we can bring her home. I have already ordered a kennel and food, and bought straw for her bedding. A character defect of mine of being more than one step ahead!

The most important part of this process, is to make sure the harmony of the existing animals in our home is maintained with the introduction of a new family member. I am going to have to call on my close friend to do Reiki. I have yet to tell him about this!

I have connected with the rabbit even if only briefly and would be privileged to have her in my life.  She will be called Indigo.  Below is a photo of Indigo with Anne from the shelter.  (Holding thumbs and paws that the adoption process is a success.)