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My dear sibling has passed on.

My wish is that his unquiet soul has found peace. That he has found a place where his soul is not burdened by the struggles of life on earth. May his soul soar to great heights in the world and ether around us, and may he realise that his time on earth was filled with moments, even if fleeting, of true joy.

To all those who helped him with his 45 year journey on earth, I thank you. From the many friends, girlfriends, everyday people like the security guards where he lived, and his family, I thank you for making him as whole as he could be.

Thank you to my mom and dad, who never gave up. Whose love for him was vast and expansive. May you too find peace and a path to make sense of our loss.

Goodbye my sibling, whose name, David, means and will always mean: the beloved one.


7 April 1972 – 7 April 2017