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We used to have a down duvet for winter.  Admittedly, we were warm as toast but as I read more about animal cruelty, that cosy warm feeling went away. My warmth was at the expense of other animals’ suffering.

Down is pulled, ripped, plucked from geese and ducks, mainly female. In the process of ripping-out these fine quill-free feathers, the birds are often injured and their wounds are stitched roughly without any anesthetic. They endure a pitiful existence in wire cages only to end-up having their throats slit so their flesh can be used for human eating.

So, how could I feel at ease sleeping under a down duvet?  I was sleeping under a blanket of cruelty. A well-known manufacturer of goose down bedding says its products are “forever”.  I am left to wonder how something can be forever when it represents lives cut short.

Now we sleep under a duvet made from a natural cellulose fibre from a sustainable wood. Are we warm? Yes we are. And the cats are very happy sleeping on it or under it! Cruelty-free bedding makes for sweet dreams for all.

On a different note, I must share that the rabbit, Indigo, is now living with us. She is very shy. It has been a stressful weekend for her.  She met two curious but wonderfully restrained cats, hopped around a strange and secure garden, and had to get used to an impressive straw-filled kennel. We are giving her space to settle-in.  I have a feeling that when the lights are switched off at night, she comes into her own and graces the garden with her energy.