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Forty-eight years ago in a mining town, a baby boy with big ears, arrived in this world. He was called David, meaning beloved one. Three years ago, on the day that South Africans marched against a corrupt government and president, this person decided it was his time to leave this world. It was a world that had become fraught with his desperate struggles to find a purpose and be whole.


Had he been with us today, I wonder what he would have made of the pandemic which has us in self-isolation. David would have analysed the virus and human behaviour more than most of us. Being in isolation would have been a blessing and a curse for him, probably exacerbating his anxiety and increasing his bleak outlook.

Today, as a family, we again say “hello” and “goodbye” on the same day. Wherever it is that atheists go after death or simply do not go, Dave, we remember you and may your spirit be at peace.